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You're locked out of your cabin! The woods are spooky! WHAT WILL YOU DO?!?!??

Explore the woods and find out! Meet friends???

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 41 - "2 incompatible genres", the initial idea being a merge between 'slice-of-life' walkabouts like Animal Crossing and a jumpy, tense horror game. We hope you enjoy!

Programmed and designed by @ghodan_

Pixel art by @moawko

Sounds by Ninja Ropes


WASD/Left Stick - Move

Mouse/Right Stick - Look

Left Click/Right Trigger - Interact

Right Click/Left Trigger - Toggle Light

Space/Bottom Face Button - Jump

Y - Invert look

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(53 total ratings)
AuthorBraindeer Games
TagsFunny, Horror, Low-poly, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 41, Pixel Art, Spooky, Spoopy, Unreal Engine
LinksLudum Dare


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Just finished playing this game not too long ago. I like the art style of this game.

This was cute! I really enjoyed playing it! Definitely subverted my expectations.


I like to say that playing this game in my 2 scary games was awesome!

This game was adorably weird with a little bit of jump scare spoopy thrown in. Absolutely loved the look of the game and would be really cool to see a longer form of this!

Cute & Creepy Together - Woodsy


A delightfully weird little game with the makings of a larger one.  The various characters each left me wanting to know more about them.


A fun short game depending how you play it with excellent character designs. 

Expectations were low when I downloaded Woodsy. I only got it because the previous game I downloaded was also pixel-art related so I sort of wanted to stay on topic in terms of game art. But It was fun! It reminded me of a haunted game of Undertale.

Game lasted probably 10 minutes first playthrough, then 5 the next. I'm sure there was more to check out but unfortunately there wasn't really a guide to lead me through the game. Except for the fetch quests. 

art style was excellent. I enjoyed the combination of 2D and 3D art. The flat 2D pixel art was very unique. Character design blew me out of the water. Each character was fun, my favorites being Peter and Thomas.

I wish I could have seen a more fleshed out story line other than find bones. I would have loved to know more about the world and whatever else is going on. I honestly hope to see more of this. I still have no idea what the deal is with the hooded guy and why he was following me. 

Overall this was a fun game but I don't think I would really recommend it to play. Only because the gameplay is so quick, I don't feel satisfied. Maybe if this game if more fleshed out and there's a story to go with it. There are plenty of people who have played this on YouTube that you can go watch. 

But by all means, don't let this critical analysis stop you from downloaded and enjoying 10 minutes of game play. :)


Really good game !

Very cute little game! characters are on point. I'd love to see a longer version! 


cute lil game. excellent pixel art. the atmosphere was on point. loved being able to turn off the flashlight, even if it served no purpose lol. another excellent LD jam game. kudos!


I actually got a new laptop recently so I am able to enjoy this game perfectly, thank you again for making such a great game. :)


I love the music in this game!!!


That game is very cool, I like Newton and Martin :0 ! But where can I find the ost that play when I meet Newton or Froggy ? It's noice.


oh dang! we never anticipated anyone wanting the soundtrack, tbh those soundbites are really only like 30 seconds on a loop. 

I'll reach out to our musician and see if he still has the files!


I remember playing this forever ago and loving the characters. Took forever to find it but I'm glad I did. The whole idea is fantastic.


I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for the kind words. :)


This might sound silly but I fell in love with the characters!! It worked both as scary and slice of life for me. I love this game so much!!!! 

Awww, I really appreciate how much it means to you! Thank you for playing, and for reaching out!

of course!! Please keep making more games 


Thank you for the experience! Feel free to use my content :) 

Ahh thank you for playing! :D


The game only lasts for a dozen of minutes, but it still managed to gave me some pretty hard jumpscares. I made a french playthrough on it too!

Oh! Merci beaucoup!


I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this video game, it is a video game right?, and that I appreciate all the effort that was put into making it. I hope life treats you all well, that you all have a nice day, and that you all keep doing what you enjoy.


An interesting little game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a shot video we made while playing:


100% pure entertainment.  I loved it!  Proof positive that having great art direction is more important that purely technical graphics.


Awesome game!! The characters were great. Newton got me good. All in all, super fun, great job!


awesome game! a lot shorter than i had hoped, but i definitly loved all the adorable characters! (some scary, but cute for sure)


Quite enjoyed this! Also thank you for actually making a fairly original horror game!

What kind words! Thank you so much for the video, we're glad you enjoyed it!

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oh like it :D

Excellent playthrough! Very glad you like it. :)

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this has excited me ... even the monsters can scare you but you understand that they have sensitivity ', this has beautiful idea ... I hope to see it complete I'm game ....: P future I hope you give me key on steam full : P


Love the entire macabre Animal Crossing feel. Fun and short experience, and I loved the body horror sprites :) Saved a screenshot of Martin in his hut for a new desktop background.

So glad you liked it. Enjoy the background! :D

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Played it and loved it. The experience was good for a game made within 72 hours.


Any chance this is getting a Mac release?

Hi! Very sorry but that's currently not on our radar. None of us own a Mac which is unfortunately a requirement for making a Mac build. If that changes we will let you know. :)

That's too bad, but thanks for the response.


Very short, but nice experience ^^ I wish it was longer though

I think we do too! 

When you only have 48 hours to make a game, a very hard decision of quality vs quantity is there. We think we made the right choice, but would love to make more for everyone who enjoyed it. Stay tuned!

For a game made in 48h it really is a masterpiece :D


A light heated and fun game, that hides more  than it show. wonder what type of twisted things the dev hid in this one, and what lays behind the creepy cute mask of this game


Genuinely entertaining game wished there was more by the end - more detailed review in video.

Would love to see this become a full game!

It's being talked about! So glad you liked it!


Awesome game! Was expecting to be eaten but got a pleasant surprise. I'm glad I played it.

If you enjoyed this video then please be sure to SUBSCRIBE here for daily videos!

Thank you so much for the play! I love it!

No problem. I really do love the game. Super awesome! And thank you!


I absolutely adored this game! Looking forward to more content from you guys!

Woo! So glad you liked it! :D Thank you for the lets play!


I have the game downloaded, but when I try to run it, I get an alert saying it crashed and closed, what do I do?

Oh hmm, I'm not at all sure. First time that's come up.
Can you tell me as much as you can about the computer you are trying to run it on?

Certainly! And thank you for such a fast response!

I'm running it on :
Acer Aspire R5-571TG
Windows 10 (I also tried running the game under different compatibility modes for Vista, 7, and 8 to no avail)

My original error message was this big long thing, right now I am getting:
Couldn't start:
"C:......\woodsy\woodsy/Binaries/Win64/Woodsy-Win64-Shipping.exe" Woodsy
creatprocess0 returned2.

Same things happens for the 32.. 

(1 edit)

Okay so from what I can understand here you should have the proper specs to be able to run it, so I am not at all aware of why it isn't running. :/

The error is very general and not super helpful, unfortunately, and it should run on Windows 10 just fine (runs on mine, anyway). 

Do you by any chance have an antivirus or other security program running? 

I do have Kaspersky, could that be interrupting it?

Definitely could be, try disabling that and then running it.


Hello im a big fan of your game love it, one Question is there anything extra you can do with the cat and/or the reaper guy on the altar (i can feed the cat/ and the reaper guy moves "but i dont know what triggers him to") Plz Reply


Haha hi! Lil' Guy doesn't usually feel like doing much but he does enjoy fish- that's about it. As for the statue, it's pretty weird. We're not even sure what it does! Just seems to like moving around sometimes.

Thanks for Replying Love this game will you be making a sequel anytime soon <3


We are currently considering it! No hard plans at the moment but we do see all the attention it's gotten and it is being talked about. :)

Ok Thanks, Keep up the good work <3


Hi! i kind of fell in love with this game, and am planning on cross stitching some of the characters! I don't care much to keep the finished cross stitch for myself, but I'd love to send it to you guys! is there any way I could do that? it'll be quite awhile before theyre finished (your pixel art is quite intricate!) but they are nevertheless in the works. 

Oh my gosh that's so wonderful! If you have a twitter you can DM me through there, either @ghodan_ or @braindeergames.
This is all too exciting ohmygosh


this is a really neat game i love the general feel of it and had a lot of fun playing hope you guys work on something similar or even expand this in the future 


really unique game, I saw markiplier playing and I really hope you continue working with this game, put some adds to make some profit, or expand and sell it on steam for 5 dollars or something, if it was bigger I would definitively pay 5 dollars

Thank you so much for the kind words! We don't have anything to announce right now, but we certainly have noticed the attention Woodsy has gotten and are talking about continuing work on it. Means so much to hear you all enjoy it. :)

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I saw Markiplier play this game. I only watched the first five minutes then cut the video off because I wanted to experience the game for myself. I downloaded it but unfortunately it's lagging a bit for me to properly play. Do you have any suggestions how to cut down on the lag? Maybe adjusting some options or something? Please reply as soon as you can, I would love to see more of this game! :)

Edit: When I say adjusting options, I mean that sometimes it's been suggested to change certain files to optimize it for someone's PC.  By chance is that something I can do to change it for my PC?

Hey there! Sorry it hasn't been running smoothly for you. 

So, Woodsy was made for a game jam, meaning we only had a weekend to make it as a kind of fun challenge for our skills, and to that effect we tend to forgo things that would be important for a full game release like an options menu (or really any menu at all) in favor of finishing the core of the game. So no, right now there's nothing you can do to change the graphical quality and make it run smoother, but there may be a way I can prepare a more optimized build for you to be able to enjoy it. I can't promise it any time soon, but I'll see what I can do. :)


Thanks so much for the reply! :) It's no problem at all, if and when you get around to it, I would be so stoked to play it. I actually managed to play it a bit earlier by just ignoring the lag lol take your time if you get to it but if not then it quite all right. Props to making such an awesome game that really hits the mark for what I like. :)


I saw this game when Markiplier played it in his channel and I was hooked! I just had to play it myself and was an amazing game,  very fun and interesting. I liked the spooky theme and the upbeat interactions! Would you be going back to this game and expanding it? I would love to play a longer version of it and I would be happy to help with funding  as well.

Ahhh what kind words! Right now we don't have any concrete plans to expand this game, but we have definitely noted the popularity and are thinking on it. Thank you so much for reaching out!


Really cool game, it's nice how it has jump scares but is upbeat and happy 

I combined this play through with two other horror games, Hope you don't mind :D

Absolutely fine! Thank you so much for the video! :D

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