A downloadable game for Windows

A game submitted to Global Game Jam 2014

Natural Order tasks 3 players to assume the roles of three separate

animals in a strategic arena, putting to use a unique blend of co-op and
stealth. Two players, assuming the roles of a mole and a robin
respectively, must work together to help the mole reach his home. The
third player, a hungry wolf, must stop the mole from reaching his
destination, and fill his belly. Through teamwork and proper use of
select skills either team can enact their own natural order of things.

Release date Jan 27, 2014
AuthorBraindeer Games
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Multiplayer, Unity

Install instructions

  1. First, find 3 computers running windows connected on a LAN, and give them each a copy.
  2. Unzip and play, name a server and enter any number 3 and higher for the ammount of players.
  3. Pick your animals, and enjoy!


Natural Order V2.zip 48 MB

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